PROBUS World Wide


​Retirement can come too early for many people who want and are able to remain active. PROBUS clubs are organizations for men and women who have retired from their profession or business and want to maintain a social network with others who have similar interests.

PROBUS has an association with Rotary since PROBUS beginnings when Rotary participated in and sponsored the formation of clubs the world over. The PROBUS ideal immediately appealed to the wider community, and now new clubs are accredited by PROBUS itself through a central body as in Canada, or through other clubs. Rotary remains a significant part of our past, having sponsored the first clubs in Canada, and, as part of a continuing strong bond, still participates at times in the formation of new clubs. While many Rotarians are active members, approximately 90% of PROBUS members in Canada come from other venues.

The PROBUS Clubs of Canada comprise part of the estimated more than 3,500 clubs the world over with nearly 400,000 members.