Afternoon & Evening Bridge Games

The groups consist of regular members and spares. The regular members also act in turn as hosts for the Afternoon & Evening games. The aim is to have at least two hosts every playday, with two tables (8 players) each made up by regular players. For the evening bridge, when there are more than 16 regular players available (it sometimes happens) either a third host is found or one of  the other hosts will have 3 tables. When there are not enough regular players the spare players are invited to make up the required number.
Presently because of the Covid Pandemic, all bridge groups have been suspended until it has been deemed safe by the Provincial Health Authorities to meet again. Some members have reported that they have remained active in reading and reviewing their bridge knowledge and playing on-line.
We are looking forward to meeting again in person to play bridge. Until then.....keep safe!

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AFTERNOON BRIDGE overall coordinator Wendy Wehrli

Afternoon Bridge A Convenor Nur Cowan

Meet 1st Thursday of Month - 1:00 pm


Afternoon Bridge Couples  Wendy Wehrli

Meet 2nd Friday of Month - 1:00 pm


Afternoon Bridge Convenor Wendy Wehrli

Meet 3rd Thursday of Month - 1:00 pm


Afternoon Bridge Convenor Dorothy Denison

Meet 4th Thursday of Month - 1:00 pm


EVENING BRIDGE coordinator and convenor  Ann Woodall

Meet 2nd Tuesday of Month - 7:30