Social Gatherings

Please note that all in person activities are currently on hold due to the Covid-19 restrictions until the government deems it safe to travel and congregate in large numbers again.

Please stay connected and please stay safe

Our PROBUS Club has a great number of Committees organizing activities and events.
For our members to find the right activity click on the drop down category button  and read all about it, as well as to find the management contact person organizing such.
​Club organized activities are free other than nominal functional expenses.
Some activities are seasonal and others year around.  With the exception of a very few, most activities are at our members residences and are designed to provide a lot of fun and enjoyment.
The most informative monthly activity is our Club Meeting. During this meeting we talk about historic and upcoming events, listen to our Guest Speaker's presentation and to some member's biography or memorable experience.  During the meeting and intermission we enjoy each others company and a morning coffee.  It also provides the time to sign up for various outings.
If you have never been part of a PROBUS meeting come and join us as a guest click on: