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DINNER AND A MOVIE                Convenor – JUDY PIKE

Enjoy DINNER AND A MOVIE every month with other Probus friends.  

The event is held monthly, always on the TUESDAY following the monthly Thursday Probus meeting.  The reason for the confirmed date is because the theatre, FILM.CA on Speers Road, and the restaurant, MO’S FAMILY RESTAURANT, also on Speers Road, both offer special reduced Tuesday rates.

The MOVIE for the month will be described during the Probus meeting.  Members present will then have an opportunity during the coffee break to sign the participation list.  You can attend both the movie and dinner or either one of your choice.

No money is collected.  Members pay for the movie at the theatre and for the dinner at the restaurant.

Whenever possible, the movie selected will be mid afternoon, with dinner to follow.  If the movie of choice is showing in the early afternoon, a lunch will precede the movie, rather than a dinner to follow.  All details will be clearly stated during each monthly Probus meeting.

For more information, please contact Judy at judy.pike@sympatico.ca or 905-827-1500

Film.ca – 171 Speers Road

Mo’s Family Restaurant – 467 Speers Road

                     This months movie is called


               Tuesday Feb. 18th  Showtime 1:30pm

                         LUNCH AT MO'S 11:45am 


                    Parasite swept the 2020 Oscars.

Parasite introduces us to the Kim family, who one by one- start working for the super wealthy Park family.

It's called class warfare and as a viewer you kinda can't stand both the rich and the poor.  We're left to decide who the "parasite" really is - is it the spoiled Park family or the Kim family who leeched off the riches of the Parks?

             The movie is not in English ---- it has subtitles.

Last update   21 March 2020