The Charter for our club was issued on the 20th of August 2000



In November 2013 PROBUS Canada, after consultation with local Clubs, promulgated the revised Standard Constitution for Local PROBUS Clubs. Our Management committee at its meeting in May 2014 decided to publish the 2013 Standard Constitution on the website.


The 2013 Constitution did not introduce changes to the Constitution accepted at the founding of our Club.




In August 2013, PROBUS Canada promulgated a revised Suggested Bylaws for Local PROBUS Clubs. The Management Committee reviewed the existing By-Laws. At the March general meeting the members voted to accept the revised By-Laws.


The 2014 By-Laws take into account the use of electronic communication such as internet and email. To reduce mailing costs all communications to and from the members are by email and via the website. Members without an email address continue to get their information by mail.


The website makes provision for applying for membership to the Club. Applications received via the website will be screened by the Membership Chair before being proposed to the Management Committee for acceptance.


Management Team Job Descriptions

The job descriptions are controlled by the Management Team and can be adjusted as required

The Founding Fathers & Mother


From the Oakville Beaver Spring 2000