Euchre Club



The groups consist of regular members and spares. The regular members also act in turn as hosts for the Afternoon & Evening games. The Thursday and Tuesday evening group have three tables (12 regular players). The Wednesday and Thursday afternoon groups have two tables . When there are not enough regular players the spare players are invited to make up the required number.


Evening Euchre  Game 1

Convenor Mike and Claudia Kotkiewicz

Meet 3rd Thursday of Month - 7:00 pm


Evening Euchre  Game 2

Convenor Ruth and Ed Baldwin

Meet 3rd Tuesday of Month - 7:00 pm


Afternoon Euchre Game 3

Convenor Wendy deJaray

Meet 3rd Wednesday of Month - 1:00 pm 

Afternoon Euchre Game 4

Convenor Gloria Anderson

Meet 1st Thursday of Month - 1:00 pm

Afternoon Euchre Game 5

Convenor Wendy deJaray

Meet 2nd Tuesday of Month - 1:00 pm