Short history of the First year


Year : 2000


12 April Rotary Club of Oakville invitation to Foundation Meeting from Fred Giroux, Al Histed, John Graham Some of Oakvile PROBUS 

Attendance: Fred Giroux (Rotary)

Orlyn and Marie Walsh

Peter Warren

Others ? 

Name: Combined Probus Club of Oakville Glen Abbey


27 April Preparation Meeting for the May 11 meeting to set up organisation.

Name: Combined Probus Club of Oakville (North was deleted)


Wendy Cato, Willo Di Novo, Fred Giroux, Art Kempe, Peter Warren,Orlyn & Marie Walsh


11 May Decided on meeting place and date: River Oaks Recreation Centre, 2nd Thursday of the month

Management Team:

Membership Marie and Orlyn Walsh Program Art Kempe

Treasurer Peter Warren


1 June Provisional Management Committee Meeting


8 June Regular Meeting of the Provisional Club

Ron White (Rotary) turned the meeting over to President Fred Giroux


6 July Executive Meeting

Bell and gavel ready for Charter meeting Sept 14


13 July General meeting


10 August First indication of name changed to  Combined Probus Club of North Oakville

By-Laws and Constitution agreed by membership


14 September Charter meeting

Sandra Zulauf of Rotary Evening Club of Oakville presented the Charter Certificate, the gavel and the bell. We are #108 in Canada


Website started: May 22,2013 by Klaus Adensamer



13 April 2000 - 9 September 2004 River Oaks Recreation Centre

October 2004- December 2004 Saint Volodymyr

January 2005-February 2007 Anglican Church of the Incarnation

March 2007 - May 2008 Knights of Columbus

June 2008 - April 2012 Saint Volodymyr 

May 2012 QEPCCC.





September  2000     69 Charter Members 

October  2001          86

September 2002     104

September 2003     120

September 2004     150 limited to 150  - waiting list opened

September 2005     150 waiting list

2006                           153   18 waiting

2008                           146   or 160 (various membership lists contradict each other)

2009                           165  or  169 (various membership lists contradict each other)

2010                           167  or  175 (various membership lists contradict each other)

2011                           163

October 2012           163

October 2013           170

October 2014           187

August 2015             209

September 2016      240 - limited to 240 - waiting list of 22 absorbed due to members leaving

October 2017           238 - limited to 250


The Newsletter changed its name to THE PATTER 11 July 2004,  in a ballot Kay Wyllie’s proposed title was the winning entry.


The Combined PROBUS Club North Oakville was formed in August 2000 and the following were instrumental in making the Club the success it is today


    President                                              Vice President                                  Past President

Fred Giroux – 2000/2001                         Phyllis Inward                                  none

Phyllis Inward 2001/2002                       Bob Patrick                                       Fred Giroux

Bob Patrick 2002/2003                            Jean Fletcher                                    Phyllis Inward

Jean Fletcher 2003/2004                         Harold Elsie                                       Bob Patrick

Harold Elsie 2004/2005                           Margaret Wheeler                            Jean Fletcher

Margaret Wheeler 2005/Jan 2006        Ted Nixon Aug 2005/Jan 2006       Harold Elsie

Ted Nixon Jan 2006 –2007                       Mary-Lou Workman                       Harold Elsie

Mary-Lou Workman 2007-2008             Jim Haight                                         Ted Nixon 

Jim Haight 2008-2009                               Joanne Millichamp                         Mary Lou Workman

Joanne Millichamp 2009-2010               Orlyn Walsh                                      Jim Haight

Orlyn Walsh 2010-2011                            Judy Stephnitz                                 Joanne Millichamp

Judy Stephnitz 2011-2012                       Richard Holloway                            Orlyn Walsh

Richard Holloway 2012-2013                 Roseann Boulding                            Judy Stephnitz

Roseann Boulding 2013-2015                Mon Verheyen                                  Richard Holloway

Mon Verheyen 2014-2015                       Nancy Cartwright                            Rosaeann Boulding

Nancy Cartwright 2015-2016                 Ernst Wehrli                                      Mon Verheyen

Ernst Wehrli 2016 -2017                          Bregitte Buyze                                  Nancy Cartwright

Bregitte Buyze 2017-2018                       Lynton Smith                                   Ernst Wehrli

Lynton Smith 2018 -  2019                      Bev Armstrong                                 Bregitte Buyze

Bev Armstrong 2019 - 2020                    Sudi Kalra                                          Lynton Smith

Sudi Kalra 2020 -  2021                            Linda Fehr                                         Bev Armstrong

Linda Fehr 2021 -                                      Charles Gordon                                Sudi Kalra / Lynton Smith

Charter Members still active in the Club on September 2015, 15 years of CPCNO



Fred Giroux 2000-2001

Phyllis Inward 2001-2002

Harold Elsie 2004-2005

Ted Nixon 2006-2007

Orlyn Walsh 2010-2011



Awad  Awad   Bailey Carol    Boyer Edgar    Boyer Joyce    Cato Wendy    DiNovo Paul    DiNovo Willo    Elsie Evelyn

Hazelton Marjorie    Henderson John    Henderson Rochelle    Hogg Marjorie    Hogg Norman    Kempe  Arthur

Kempe Ginny    Morton Anita    Morton Ken    Pouliot Tiiu    Ritchie Dorothy     Ritchie Jack     Tunstall Brian

Walsh Marie    Warren Peter