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The Management Team

President: Linda Fehr
Vice President: Charles Gordon
Past President: vacant
Treasurer: Ron Koehli
Program: Rod Shepherd
Membership: Harold and Evelyn Elsie
Social: Kim Gordon and Susan Barber Kahro
Activity: Bregitte Buyze
Newsletter Editor: Anne Jones
Webmaster: Uma and Ken Ito
Secretary: Donna Cane
To learn about Membership:
​Membership in our club is open to retired men and women, who are interested in socializing with likeminded persons, participating in various activities organized by our management group. 
New members will also be asked to contribute periods of time to be part of the organizational or management teams to help with their talents to organize club events or activities.
 At this time the membership has reached its maximum and we are not accepting new members, however please feel free to contact us if you wish to be placed on a waiting list
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