Version dated 20 July 2017



General Responsibilities:

  • Serve as executive head of the PROBUS Club

  • Read and know the Club Constitution, By-Laws and Policies to guide the Management Team in their deliberations

  • Act as the Club contact for communication with PROBUS Canada, other clubs and the general public

  • Deal proactively with issues affecting the Club

  • Interface with Club Management Committees when necessary

  • Act as a signatory for Club cheques as necessary

  • Act as the representative of the Club in signing for any contracts or agreements with other organizations (e.g. hall rental); 

  • Receive annual request from PROBUS Canada for payment of annual insurance premium.  Provide request to Treasurer to pay invoice after the membership list for the coming year is finalized in October. Ensure the Insurance Company sends a copy of the certificate of liability insurance to our meeting venue (currently QEPCCC) by early January to ensure continuity of meetings.

  • Keep the Club’s records, e.g. insurance, hall rental lease (should be filed in President’s Operations Binder);

  • Ensure meeting hall arrangements & contracts are meeting Club expectations

  • Ensure conveners are in place for the Breakfast Club, Lunch Group and Sunshine. As the need for new conveners arises,  request volunteers from the membership at the meetings and through the monthly newsletter

  • Ensure impending actions by the Club Management Team have been dealt with expeditiously

  • Maintain the Operations Binder ensuring documents are updated as changes occur; pass binder to incoming president for continuity

  • Interface with the Vice President to ensure there is a smooth transition at end of term


Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Organize monthly Management Team meeting

  • Prepare agenda

  • Convene meeting


 2. Organize monthly Membership meeting

  • Prepare agenda

  • Convene meeting

  • In charge of the Information Bulletin Board – post Financial Statement, info about events organized by independent members (not the Activities Committee), any other communication of interest to the membership. VP will post Interest Group info.

  • Provide and monitor the Suggestion Box, provide note paper, pencils, and names of speakers and member giving Member’s Moment  on each table




General Responsibilities:

  • Active member to understudy for the President’s position

  • Expected to assume the President’s position the following year

  • Participate in all Management Committee discussions

  • Replace the President in his/her absence

  • Act as a signatory for club cheques

  • Bring up subjects for consideration to continuously improve the Club

  • Provide greeters to meet members as they come to the general meeting

  • Act as initial contact person between Interest Group Conveners and members expressing interest in joining Interest Groups via the Clip Boards

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain Greeters’ file    

  • Arrange Greeters for 3-4 month period based on annotated membership list

  • Maintain membership list of greeters, dates served, who is available and who is not (i.e., health and work reasons)

  • Submit list for inclusion in Patter

  • Reminder call or email to Greeters on the Monday prior to meeting. Greeters are required to:

    • arrive by 9:15 and pick up Greeter tag in addition to their own name tag

    • stand near the entry door and welcome people

    • invite members/guests to have coffee/tea

  • Find fill-in greeters should problems arise

  • Thank Greeters just before the 50/50 draw

  1. Organize coffee

  • QE Park will be doing coffee/tea services as of Jan. 2013.

  • Address any related issues that arise and/or are raised by members with contact person 

  1. 50/50 Draw

  • Meet the day’s speaker

  • Collect the draw tickets and 2 containers of prize money by 10:50

  • Thank the Greeters and the 50/50 Draw organizers

  • Ask the day’s speaker to draw two tickets, one at a time

  • Check numbers and announce winners, giving each winner one of the prize money containers

  • Submit the names for inclusion in the Patter

  1. Interest Group Clip Boards

  • Maintain custody of the Clip Boards for each Interest Group; organize table for clip boards at the monthly meetings for easy access by members

  • Monitor activity and notify the Interest Group convener(s) with names and contact info of anyone who has expressed interest

  • Maintain up to date list of Interest Groups and Conveners; post on Information Bulletin Board at monthly meetings



  • Advise the President on policies and procedures

  • Act as signatory for club cheques

  • Chair a committee to select candidates for the next Club election, including auditor

  • Assist the President in tasks outside the requirements of the Management Team members

  • Manage and maintain the Community Bulletin Board

  • On behalf of the club, purchase the supply of cookies/timbits/treats for the regular monthly meetings



  • Ensure funds of the Club are deposited in a financial institution approved by the Management Team;

  • Deposit and disperse funds for the Club;

  • Act as signatory for club cheques

  • Keep complete and accurate accounts of said funds;

  • Report each month, to the Management Team and members, the bank balance and petty cash;

  • Each month, reconcile funds with bank statements;

  • Annually, after the membership list is finalized in October for the coming year pay Insurance Premium to PROBUS Canada

  • Prepare financial statement at end of fiscal year and prepare records to be audited.

  • Ensure signature cards and signing agreements are updated at the bank when signing officers change



  • Procure speakers (referred by Club members, other organizations, email submissions, etc.);

  • Determine presentation suitability for Club purposes by phone or email contact;

  • If suitable, request brief description of the presentation, mini-bio for introduction purposes;

  • Ask if there is a fee associated with the talk, the amount and whom payment is made to;

  • Advise of 45 minute time frame, including Q and A;

  • Advise that the facility is fully equipped with an A/V system, projection screen and cables, all of which are normally compatible with laptops and/or other devices which may be used during the presentation;

  • Give directions to the Club facility;

  • Ask speaker to be present by 10:30 to allow for preparation for an 11:00 am start;

  • If speaker wishes to sell books after the meeting, get cost of the book/s and prepare a table  for books to be sold;

  • Advise that the guest speaker will draw the 50/50 winning tickets prior to the presentation;

  • Introduce speaker at general meeting;

  • Monitor the Question period time to ensure that we stay on track both in terms of the topic and the time allocation;

  • Select a member to thank the speaker, (selection usually done by start of general meeting at 9:45), who will also present either a gift or a cheque;

  • Guest speakers are usually arranged 6 months in advance, so follow-up by email or phone call is necessary at least one month prior to ensure that all is in order;

  • Immediately following the meeting (early afternoon) send a Thank You note to the guest speaker;

  • Keep a record of all correspondence on file for future reference;

  • Work with club members to identify members interested in presenting a Members Moment or Mini-Bio; schedule accordingly;

  • Notify PROBUS Patter editor giving details and short resume of speaker and topic as well as Member Moment info, prior to deadline;

  • Attend monthly Management Team meeting and report on guest speakers and topics and Members Moment/Mini Bio presenters.



  • Maintain official Membership List including: member names; address, phone number; email address; status of dues; date of enrolment;

  • Ensure a Membership Application is on file for each member/member couple;

  • Ensure the membership contact / mailing list on the Gmail database is kept current and is in sync with the official Membership List by cross-referencing periodically;

  • Receive changes to member contact information and update master list and Gmail database;

  • Inform the Club Webmaster of any additions, deletions or changes to member contact information as it occurs in order that he/she may update the Google Group account accordingly; (added June 2016)

  • Periodically distribute List of Members and contact information to all members by email, and by post to those without email;

  • At monthly club meetings:

  • Bring and display member name badges;

  • Welcome guests and prospective new members;

  • Provide Club information sheet and Membership Application forms to prospective members;

  • Introduce first time guests during the meeting;

  • Present PROBUS pins to new members, (once joined and membership fees collected), and ensure that Name Badges have been ordered for them;

  • Collect name badges at end of each meeting and store until next meeting;

  • Advise Patter Editor monthly of new members, current membership, members present at previous meeting, and names of guests present at meeting;

  • Receive membership inquiries generated from the club web-site, other members, and any other referral sources/contacts and provide club information and Membership Application forms as required;

  • Maintain list of people who have expressed an interest in the Club and follow up as appropriate; maintain and manage waiting list;

  • Maintain list of members who expressed an interest in presenting a mini-bio/member’s moment, serving on the Management Team, or otherwise becoming more actively involved;

  • Collect Annual PROBUS Membership dues from all members as of August 1st, (the beginning of the Club’s new year) which involves:

  • Sending an email to all members in July indicating annual dues are payable August 1st; remind members that according to By-Law Article 8 Membership will be terminated if annual renewal fees are not paid by end of September meeting;

  • Following up with subsequent email in August;

  • Telephone contact with those members who have not responded prior to removing their names from the membership list in September; this step is at the discretion of the Membership Chair;

  • Recording fees collected and recapping regularly to Treasurer, along with cheques/ cash for deposit to the Club bank account;

  • Collect annual “Mailing Fee” from those members who joined after March 2017 with no email facility. Fee is waived/grandfathered for members who joined prior to March 2017.

  • Collect payment of Initiation Fees and PROBUS Membership dues from new members as they join the Club and provide cheques/cash to Treasurer along with a recap. Effective March 2017 must also collect an initial “Mailing Fee” if new member does not have email facility and wishes to receive PATTER or other correspondence by post.

  • Order and maintain a supply of PROBUS member pins and various badges as required;

  • Attend monthly Management Team meetings.




  • Create a Committee from the Club Membership (6 – 8 people) to assist with activities

  • Work with Nominating Committee for potentially interested Club Members

  • Search out activities, working out timing and costs to submit a presentation at the monthly Committee meeting

  • Develop a monthly schedule of activities ( 1 – 2 per month)

  • Ensure there are sign-up sheets for each event

  • Hold regular planning meetings of the Committee (monthly or as needed)

  • Review upcoming events with members to ensure events are adequately planned

  • Ensure that a Committee member and/or the Chairperson attend each event

  • Maintain a diary of completed/aborted events for historical reference

  • Maintain an accounting record for all completed events



  1. Management Team

  • Submit ACTIVITIES OVERVIEW report monthly, 48 hours before Management Team meeting to all Management Team members

  • Attend/give verbal Activities Overview report to Management Team on day of General Meeting

  • Submit copy of Activities Overview report to PROBUS Patter author for publishing

  • Liaise with Treasurer re: payment of upcoming events and/or turning in ticket receipts

  • Make use of the Activities calendar to minimize doubling up of events such as Nibbles, Garden Clubs, Annual Luncheons, etc.

  • Maintain an accounting record for all completed events.


 2. General Membership

  • Events Board:  prepare, update monthly and set up prior to meeting on easel stand

  • Deliver an Activities Overview report each month 




  • Provide overall co-ordination /leadership and be the primary contact for the 4 designated Social Events: PROBUS Month at the March meeting; Pizza/Pop Lunch at the August meeting; Spring Social dinner in June; Christmas Luncheon in December

  • Identify and book venues as required; identify and hire entertainment, if applicable; negotiate contracts; prepare and manage budget for each event, sell tickets, liaise with Treasurer re: deposits, payments

  • Maintain records of venues, numbers of attendees for future reference;

  • Attend monthly Management Team and report on event planning;

  • Report to membership at general meetings.



  • Record minutes of Management Team meetings. Minutes should be a brief summary of meeting discussions, along with a record of all motions and decisions made.

  • Send copies of recorded minutes to Management Team members prior to the next monthly meeting; send copy of the finalized minutes to President’s designate, Marg Ewert (July 2017) to facilitate timely updates to club policy documents etc.; send copy of finalized minutes to Webmaster for retention on the Backup hard drive;

  • Maintain a filing system for all correspondence and documents;

  • Record minutes of Annual General Meeting;

  • Act as signatory for cheques on Club bank account

  • Update Club’s information yearly for use in PROBUS Directory and web-site;



1. Maintain the CPCNO website:

    a. update the information

    b. arrange for payment annually for the website (March 21)

    c. arrange for payment for the domain name every 2 years (March 21 on odd years)


2. Maintain the "CPCNO members “Google group

    a. keep the mailing list updated in accordance with the Gmail address list

    b. assign the right to post on the forum; all members of the Management Team  (MT) can post on the forum

    c. post information of interest to all members


3. Maintain the PROBUS Gmail account, accessible only by the MT:

    a. change the password to access the account annually in September with the renewed MT

    b. redirect mail to the appropriate member of the MT if necessary

    c. regularly delete spam, phishing, redundant and superseded messages

    d. remove private messages erroneously sent on the account and remove the addressees from the Gmail contacts list


4. Instruct the MT on the use of and the access to the Gmail and CPCNO members Google group


5. Keeper of the CPCNO Backup Hard Drive; keep a copy in WORD format to be available in event Master file is lost or unusable and another copy in PDF format for distribution purposes when necessary of:

    a. The last updated version of the following:

        1 The Constitution

        2. The By-Laws

        3. The Job Description list

        4. The PROBUS policy manual

        5. Other Procedural documents contained in the Operations Binder    

    b. a copy of the:

        1 Newsletters and Patter

        2. Membership lists

        3. Minutes of the monthly Management Team Meetings with supporting documents if needed

        4. Photographs and records of historical importance not covered by any of the above