Det. Ed Adach.jpg


                   Confessions of a Forensic Detective


Detective Ed Adach has been a Toronto police officer for 37 years.  The first 10 years were as a uniformed copper in the gritty downtown area; currently, and for the past 27 years, in the forensic unit.  Detective Adach will be working a few more years, just for the fun of it.

His talk is titled “Confessions of a Forensic Detective”  

Along with the murder and mayhem of Toronto, Detective Adach has investigated war crimes in Kosovo for the United Nations, and has taught forensics in Afghanistan.

In his presentation, Combined North Oakville Probus Club members will be taken behind the yellow police line, and we will get a glimpse of real CSI work.  

Fingerprints and DNA are well publicized forensic tools.  Today their “poorer second cousin”, the footprint, will be highlighted. Actual homicide cases will be used to reveal the impact of this under-estimated evidence.  

To demonstrate the wide variety of shoe soles in the community, one Probus member will have an opportunity to win $50, if they are wearing “the shoes of a murderer”.  If the shoes you are wearing happen to be the same pattern as Detective Adach’s example, he will give you $50 (no alibi required).

Sue & Jim Waddington 

jim and sue artfinds7025.jpg

Sue and Jim have been on a quest to locate the places that inspired the Group of Seven painters and Tom Thomson. They particularly like to search for sites that can only be reached by canoe and on foot. The talk will compare photographs of some of the 700 painting sites they have found with the corresponding artwork. They will discuss how they find the painting sites and what they have learned about the painters.

In their talks, Sue and Jim show their photographs alongside art from Killarney, Algonquin, Neys, Lake Superior and Bon Echo Provincial Parks, the Georgian Bay islands, the Yukon and Nunavut.

  William Thomas

Author, syndicated columnist

William Thomas.png

William is an author, a scriptwriter and a nationally

syndicated humour columnist who has been nominated twice for the prestigious Gemini Award for writing movies for television. His tribute to the great Canadian sport of curling was titled Hey!  Is That Guy Dead Or Is He The Skip?  William claims 5000 curlers bought that book … and later burned it.

An endearing and enduring story, Margaret And  Me was enthusiastically endorsed by the Canadian Alzheimer’s Society as a ‘must read’ for anyone dealing with aging loved ones.  The new edition includes adventures in the nursing home – “Where There’s Humour, There’s Always Hope.”


His latest book The Legend of Zippy Chippy:  Life Lessons From Horse Racing's Most Lovable Loser will be published by Random House New York in April. 

Lisa Kohler

Halton Environment


Lisa Kohler the Executive Director of the Halton Environmental Network serves on the Community Energy Taskforce for the Town of Oakville, Halton Equity and Diversity Roundtable.  She started her career working in the environmental not for profit sector in the United States. She is the orchestrator of the Halton Climate Collective a dedicated team driving local climate change.

 Ms Kohler will be discussing climate challenges, strategies, mitigation and adaptation.

George Sanford

Art & Music of Vienna in 1900


George has made his life all about art and music and bringing these beautiful, creative ideas of mankind to as many people as possible. Though his classes in the school system and the art galleries of Ontario he has managed to do just that. He is self-taught with a passion for wanting to know about the beauty of this wonderful world of ours. He has taught grades from kindergarden to 4th year university. He has traveled Europe extensively and will do so again next year in May 2020. The best of mankind is his mantra and the positive accomplishments of mankind is his subject.

George is looking forward to being with the Probus group and talking about the inspired times of Vienna in 1900

8th Aug 2019

Ray Peacock


11th July 2019

11th July 201911th July 2019

 Polar Explorers & the North West Passage

Oakville ship modeller and historian Ray Peacock will talk about the search for a sea route westward across Canada’s north, illustrated with a model of the ship used by the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen.  He will continue with Amundsen’s race against Scott to the South Pole at the beginning of the 20th century, and the endurance of Shackleton and his crew in his later ill-fated attempt to cross the Antarctic continent

Dr Anthony (Tony) Wong MD

Alzheimers Disease, the good the bad and the ugly

A graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School, Dr Wong started his career in 1978 at St. Catharines as a family physician with a special interest in geriatrics. He built a practice that was focused on giving care to the elderly and people with dementia, especially Alzheimer's Disease.  

He was affiliated with many retirement homes and nursing homes and appointed to be the Medical Director in a few of them. In 2002, he was appointed to be the Medical Director at the prestigious Linhaven Home for the Aged (St. Catharines), one of the largest homes in Ontario with 250 beds.  He retired in 2018.

9th May, 2019

tony Wong.jpg

Adam Shoalts

Writer, Explorer, Public Speaker

Adam Shoalts.png

Adam Shoalts is a professional explorer and adventurer. In 2013, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) for “extraordinary contributions to geography” and presented the Society’s expedition flag to His Excellency David Johnston, Governor General of Canada and patron of the RCGS.

11 April 2019

Tom Stanley


Tom Stanley.jpg

10 January 2019

om Stanley is the Supervising Producer of The Rick Mercer Report where, since 2003, he has worked alongside Canada’s top comedy writers, producers, and directors.He is the showrunner and head writer. He conceived, planned and produced weekly cross-Canada trip segments; produced all content; coordinated research, fact checking, and clearance; lead digital and social channels for the Rose d'Or and Canadian Screen Award winning show.

David O'Brien

Author of  Through The Oswald Window

8 November  2018

History describes the JFK assassination this way, but what if history has been wrong for more than 50 years?

Author Dave O’Brien is one of only few people ever granted access to the historic ‘Oswald’ window when the Book Depository Building was empty and sealed from the public.

He was able to look down into Dealey Plaza from the eyes of the actual assassin…and what he saw shocked him.

Guy Anthony Smith

Reflections on Afghanistan

Lieutenant Colonel, CD (Retd)

Lieutenant-Colonel Guy Smith first joined the military in 1965 as an army cadet at Blakelock High School in Oakville .He retired from  full time service in 1995 and transferred to Primary Reserve in November 2001. Promoted Lieutenant-Colonel  in 2003.After various appointments overseas he volunteered to serve for nine months in Afghanistan. As a career highlight Lieutenant-Colonel Smith had the honour of serving in Afghanistan at the same time as his daughter, Captain Stephanie Smith, a critical care nurse who completed two six-month tours in the Canadian Role 3 Military Medical Unit in Kandahar.

11 October 2018

Susan Hyatt, BSc (PT), MBA

CEO & Co-founder of Silver Sherpa

Susan is passionate about changing the way we look at ageing and is focused on putting her extensive healthcare and international business expertise to work to provide a very different professional service model for her clients; a holistic client driven approach supported by a village.

13 Sept 2018

Active in both symphonic and operatic conducting, Roberto De Clara has been the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Oakville Symphony since 1997. Past Artistic Director positions have included Music Director of the Prince George Symphony, Music Director York Symphony and Artistic Director of the Etobicoke Philharmonic. In addition to the artistic success of the Main Series subscription concerts, his tenure at the Oakville Symphony has been marked by a number of initiatives, including Family Christmas Concerts, educational concerts, a series of post-concert chats following regular subscription concerts and a new behind the scenes look at orchestral life and music entitled nOt just the scOre. 

Roberto de Clara

 Conductor  and Music Director of the Oakville Symphony 

10 August 2018

Elaine Charal 

Handwriting  analyst and entertainer

12 July 2018


“The Power of the Pen” is my humorous, interactive, upbeat Motivational Keynote Talk, perfect for conferences, sales meetings, trade shows, luncheons, dinners, etc., entertainment guaranteed to have everyone laughing and enjoying. Handwriting is also a wonderful team building tool for your staff.


Handwriting Analysis is an excellent tool when it comes to hiring employees. You will clearly be able to see whether the person is service-oriented, sales-oriented, full of dynamism, whether the person has initiative, determination, and so much more!


Handwriting is a real paper mirror of your personality. Viewing someone’s Handwriting and knowing what the strokes of that handwriting mean can empower you to enhance your communication with that person.

Michelle Davis

Community Engagement Specialist at Tweed

Tweed is the largest licensed  producer of cannabis for medical purposes in Canada Her talk will be about the types, uses and benefits of medical cannabis

10 May 2018

 John Gerrard

At Habitat for Humanity Halton Mississauga, our Mission is to use our knowledge, skills, community relationships, volunteers and other resources to create and promote safe and affordable home ownership options with the aim of alleviating the cycle of poverty within our community.​

12 April 2018

Steven Ilott

Stephen ilott is a Professional Organizer. He offers informative and entertaining lectures on downsizing and motivating seniors to reinvent their lives past clutter. A self-professed domestic archaeologist, Stephen loves digging  into others’ lives and helping them to look inwards and organize outwards past their clutter,

8 February 2018

Michael Neumann

11 January 2018

Michael Neumann is Birnie HOME SAFE’s in-house celebrity. Not that he likes to think of himself as one.

 “My role really is to bring public awareness about the dangers or hazards that are common in older homes,” Neumann says, “whether I am sitting in someone’s living room or I’m on the air on Newstalk 1010, the idea is make people understand that our homes electrical systems degrade and that after a certain age every home should be inspected.”

Dr Emma Allen-Vercoe


Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dr Allen-Vercoe is a microbiologist whose interest focuses on the microbes that normally inhabit the human gut and can and do affect our health.Her presentation could be titled, “The Forgotten Organ-Your Gut”.

She has at times been affectionately referred to as the “The poop doctor”.

9 November 2017

Brendan Shadford

One of the 5 men who set out from Bronte Harbour October 2008 on a 117 day sailing voyage to Melbourne Australia via the Atlantic and the southern oceans.He’ll describe the purposes of the trip and their experiences.

12 October 2017

Dave Pitts

Mr Pitts who showed us previously how to deal with cross-border shopping,returns to focus on issues important to the average Canadian in his presentation titled ,

" Make Canada Affordable Again “.

14 September 2017

Danielle Manning

Member of the Archives of Ontario Speakers Bureau.

She will be sharing the actual  stories of 4 family groups at the time of Confederation and how their lives intersected  with the larger historical forces of the era.

10 August 2017

The Honourable Dave Levac,MPP (Brant)

He will be coming to talk about his role as the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature.


13 July 2017

Robin McKee


Mr Robin McKee ,an amateur historian,will provide us with some little-known history about the radial cars that at one time in our past connected Oakville to Hamilton.


Robin McKee is passionate about Canadian history, and especially Hamilton's history.

8  June 2017

Diana Bishop

 Diana Bishop's  presentation will be based on her  book "LIVING UP TO A LEGEND: My Adventures With Billy Bishop’s Ghost” , a memoir about growing up as Billy Bishop’s granddaughter.

13 April 2017

Bill Goodings

Bill Goodings  will take us on a visual excursion into the Antarctic.


William (Bill) Goodings has proved his engineering acumen goes well beyond his technical expertise. Goodings was a volunteer from 2002 to 2010 with the Canadian Executive Services Organization (CESO) – a Canadian volunteer-based international development charity – following over 50 successful years as a practicing civil engineer and a leading authority on solid waste management. 

9 February 2017

Dr Kenneth Cruickshank

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Author Dr.Ken Cruikshank from the Department of History at McMaster University will speak on aspects from his book, The People and the Bay:A Social and Environmental History of Hamilton Harbour.

12 January 2017

Tim Blevins

He is the president and CEO of Reid’s Heritage Homes and comes to educate us in  the concept of Net Zero Energy homes and how that operates in a home.

10 November 2016

Dr. John Percy

Professor Emeritus Astronomy Astrophysics  

University of Toronto

13 October 2016

Back by popular request, Dr. Percy will regale us again regarding astronomy in his presentation entitled “The Amazing Universe".


His research deals with the nature and evolution of stars, as deduced from variable stars which change in brightness. He is a supervisor and mentor of undergraduate research students, and is known internationally for encouraging and facilitating research in variable star astronomy by skilled amateur astronomers.

Terry Fallis

8 September 2016

We’re in for a treat when  two-time Leacock Humour Award winner, author,self-avowed feminist and natural comic comes to entertain us with revelations about his life, work and probably latest book. There’ll be a reading and after his presentation he’ll be available for signing whichever of his  books you’d like to purchase.


Doug Wriggelsworth

Long a passionate fan himself, Doug will share with us the continuing  worldwide fascination with the Sherlock Holmes  character and will expand our knowledge of the appearance of Sherlock in plays, movies  and televison shows since his "birth"

11 August 2016

Previous Guest Speakers

Dr. John Percy

Professor Emeritus Astronomy Astrophysics  

University of Toronto

9 June 2016

His profusely illustrated  presentation is titled 

“The Astronomical Heritage of Our Area”


His research deals with the nature and evolution of stars, as deduced from variable stars which change in brightness. He is a supervisor and mentor of undergraduate research students, and is known internationally for encouraging and facilitating research in variable star astronomy by skilled amateur astronomers

 Eric Conroy

14 July 2016

Captain Eric will relate the story of his involvement in bringing the  SS  Keewatin, a CPR passenger steamship of the Edwardian era, back to Canada from the US recently.
 As a teenager he had worked on the ship as a waiter and later wrote on his experience in  A STEAK IN THE DRAWER which will be offered for sale after the meeting
Bruce Woods

Author and a retired Baptist minister

"Between Two Women"
a it is a serious, yet humourous account of growing up in Stratford, Ontario, in the thirties and forties
 12 May 2016

14 April 2016

David Wilding-Davies

The company established Canada’s first grower-direct importing scheme for beans, which are shipped from Zimbabwe, roasted locally (in Thornbury, Ontario) and sold in Toronto stores. Owned by Canadian Olympian David Wilding-Davies, an equestrian who competed at the 1988 games in Seoul, Ashanti is unique for its importation methods, its quality control and its survival of Robert Mugabe’s land reclamation campaign

National PROBUS Month

10 March 2016
No speaker

14 February 2016

Thanh Campbell was the 32nd Vietnamese orphan loaded onto a Canadian Forces plane on April 12,1975. Beside him, there were 56 other babies who would become possibly the last infants flown from the country as part of Operation Babylift, a frantic effort to save lives before Saigon fell.

Thanh’s story began like many other Vietnamese orphans on Operation Babylift (being adopted by a Canadian family). But as he later discovered, his path would take a much different direction from the rest, eventually leading to the 2006 reunion of the original 57 evacuees, and, in 2009, back to his birth family in Vietnam who had been searching for him since he was taken from the orphanage in 1975. He shared his very personal journey of life, love and self-discovery with great pathos and humour – truly an inspirational story.

Appropriately, Thanh was thanked by Norm Anderson. Norm and Gloria 

had sponsored a Vietnamese family during the early 1980’s when Canada again opened its doors to escapees from Vietnam.


Thanh Campbell

Constable Nadine Clarke

Nadine manages the Halton Regional Police Service Seniors Liaison Team. Nadine’s presentation to us covered a number of types of scam or fraud aimed particularly at seniors

14 January 2016
Guest Speakers that entertained our club during the past years.  
Here are pictures of the Presenters and a short summary of their address. 
Dr. David A. Galbraith 
Head of Science
Royal Botanical Garden

 The History of the Rock Gardens, including it’s recent closure for major renovations.

12 November 2015
Anne Goldman


10 September 2015
Keith Pitts
Author and Blogger


2 Sides of 49 - Shopping ideas.
Dedicated to the Canadian Cross-Border Shopper
8 October 2015
Dennis Grimm

Certified Sommelier and Owner of Epitome


Wine expert, owns and manages a vineyard in Tunuyan, Argentina.


13 August 2015
Edith George

Champion of heritage trees



I am quick to admit my passion for heritage trees with an illustrated talk 

9 July 2015
Ginger Quin

Master Instructor for

Nordixx Pole Walking Canada


Nordic Pole Walking is a form of walking that applies to specially designed Nordic Poles to achieve a full body workout resulting in unbelievable results.

11 June 2015
Jennifer Black, BSEd,FMA,CPCA, CFP, FCSI,CIM   


9 October 2014
"Managing Life's Events"
Retirement, disability, aging parents and even death of a loved one

Jennifer being thanked by Gary Ewert

Bev Berger 


13 November 2014
Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides
In the early 1980's Lions Clubs across Canada sought to develop a national project to reflect their service to Canadians with visual impairments. The result was Lions Foundation of Canada and its founding program, Canine Vision Canada, which was established in 1985. Since then the Foundation has grown to include additional Dog Guide programs: 
Hearing Ear, Service, Seizure Response,  Autism Assistance, and newly introduced, Diabetic Alert Dog Guides. 

Bev was thanked by Phyllis Inward

11 December 2014
Oakville Hospital, one year to go
Archie Graham

Assoc. Professor Emeritus Liberal Arts & Sciences

Ontario College of Art & Design University


8 January 2015
Dealing with Alzheimers in the Family
Chantell Tunney
CEO Ronald McDonald House, Hamilton


12 February 2015
Ronald McDonald House Hamilton (RMHH) is part of a network of 14 Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. We provide a "home away from home" for families of children who are seriously ill and being treated at nearby hospitals.


12 March 2015
Various Club activities during the monthly meeting.
Norm Anderson, CPCNO member, gave a very interesting talk on his visit to the polar bears in Churchill.
Cheryl Cooper


9 April 2015
The War of 1812.
She will talk on Naval aspects, and why it was called the “Obscure War”.
Sylvia Verdenhalven


14 May 2015

Life is just a Bowl of Cherries





She says she is ‘usually’ outgoing, happy go-lucky, thinks mostly of the positive things in life, tries hard to hold on to the past because most of it is interesting and fondly remembered, loves her family, loves Florida and loves to travel any and everywhere.   


Bobbi Greenberg
Manager of Media and Public Relations
Valerie Speiran, RN,
Care Coordinator  


11 September 2014
Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
A glimpse of the past and future, and current mandate

Valerie                               Bobbi

being thanked by Judy Stefnitz

Tom Cunningham  


14 August 2014
Suffered from rheumatoid arthritis aged 5. Now 45. 40 hospitalisations.
 4 knee, 4hip and 2 shoulder replacements. When asked how he is always says: "AMAZING"

 Brock Godfrey    

Avoiding Mass Marketing Fraud, Identity Theft and other Scams


Overall message recognize it, report it, and stop

it.  Thousands of Canadians are defrauded annually by professional criminals.  If anyone asks for money over the phone, hang up and contact the C.A.F.C. at


13 February 2014
RCMP and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. 

Brock Godfrey being thanked by Susan White

Dr. Lloyd McComb


10 April 2014
 Pearson Airport and Metrolinx.

 Dr. Lloyd McCoomb  made a return visit to complete his October 2013 presentation. He has a PhD in Civil Engineering, U.of T. and MSc in Civil

Transportation, MIT.  He discussed enhancing passenger experience; working around the existing airport design; security and safety; and transport

operations for bridges and roads. There are 800 major doors at Pearson Airport at $60,000 each,with many security features. Capacity 110 flights an hour.

Kirk Biggar
8 May 2014
Senior Planner, Long Range Planning, Town of Oakville
 The Future Plans of Oakville


The Vision is to Build, Preserve, Afford and Live.  This is the framework for Planning in Oakville, including input

from the Province, Region and Town.  It includes People, Jobs, Rail, Bus and Parking strategies. Plans for different zones in Oakville were discussed. 



Kirk Biggar being thanked by Gloria Anderson

Alan Holdway   


12 June 2014
Don’t Leave Your Beneficiaries with Problems. Don’t let the government takeover. Planning with Lists and Humour.

He was born in London,UK., and has a Higher National Certificate in Electronic engineering/Physics, working at Hewlett Packard for 34 years in senior positions,retiring in 2001.

Alan prepared our minds for the inevitability of death. 25% of people over 70 have no Will. Many reasons for having one were emphasized.

He went through Estate Check Lists, including Florida and UK. These have been sent to all Members with an email address, and mailed to a member at her request and can also be found in PROBUS Information  under the heading "Useful information"

We were also told how important “Out of Country Health Insurance” is, even for a days shopping trip.

A well developed, most useful presentation.

Donald Davis  


10 July 2014
Monarch Butterflies.
He Has a unique knowledge which he desires to share.

Presented on Monarch Butterflies, which he has studied since 1967. Described the life history, and talked of the unravelling the mystery of migration in 1975, by Dr Urquart and Mexican aids.

60 million to 100,000 million migrate from Canada and northern US, 2,500 miles annually and return.

Diminishing numbers can be helped by : not cutting Highway grass; planting Milkweed and purple flowering shrubs and flowers and lobbying for reducing pesticides.


Donald Davis  being thanked by Dorothy Denison

Michael Harrison
December 2013
Michael Harrison; Public Education/ Special Projects Officer, Oakville Fire Dept.
During his 30 year carreer as a firefighter, Michael spent 10 years in the Suppression Division (on the fire trucks), 12 years as a Prevention Officer and the past 8 years in his present position in Public Education.
Born in Jamaica, his family moved to Oakville in 1969. He received his B.A. at McMaster and his CETT (Certified Engneering Technologist) at Mohawk and Reyerson Colleges.
Michael's goal is to make everyone he comes into contact with a little safer through education,knowledge and awareness.
TThanked by Richard HollowayY
"Oakville Fire Department"
January 2014

Pas Paskaran

"To develop and fulfill a happy  lifestyle."
His Presentation will be on taking steps to develop a fullfilled and happy Lifestyle
He is a retired Civil Engineer  who became a Motivational Speaker in his retirement.  “If you believe you can, and believe you can’t, you are right both times”.  He took us through remembering 20 words

by association.

Thanked by Gary Ewert
November 2013
Our speaker is Dr. GLAD BRYCE, a multi talented Speaker, a World Class Master Swimmer and Author. She recently addressed the Canadian Club, at the Hawk Ridge Golf and Country Club in Orillia.
Her book "First In Last Out": RCAF, Women's Division & Nursing Sisters in WWII, tells of the place women played in the Air Force. She is a very enthusiastic speaker, with a Power Point presentation covering interesting and important aspects of WWII.
Dr. Glad Bryce was thanked by David Cartwright


Dr Glad Bryce
"First In Last Out"

October 2013


Dr. Lloyd McCoomb 

Toronto-Pearson Airport. 

The understanding of  the complexities of the before-and-after airport facilities.

Presentation was a fascinating behind the scenes look at the rebirth of Toronto-Pearson Airport.  His slides made it easy to understand the complexities of the before-and-after airport facilities and his engaging presentation style kept the audience fully engaged.

 Introduced & thanked by Kevin Gleesons.

September 2013

Klaus & Ursula


The New Website

Thanked by Richard Holloway
Klaus Ursula presented our new Club Website and showed us during their presentation, how new potential members can find out about our club and Probus in general.  
Our Club Members, can use it  to find out about upcoming and previous activities

August 2013

John McDonald

Halton's Heritage
Thanked by Ted Nixon
John Mcdonald has conducted extensive research throughout the Halton area  and has published three books. Over the past 40 years he has also delivered numerous presentations.  His interest in the origin of place names led to his search for the man Halton was named for as well as the various settlements throughout the region.

June 2013

Ian London

Advisor to Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
Thanked by  Art Kempe
Ian  was one of the co-founders of the areMetalBlog, is senior editor of RareMetalApps, and works with universities and colleges in building the talent pools needed by the sector. Ian is also authoring Avalon’s inaugural GRI-based CSR Annual Report.

May 2013

Clint Cora Motivational Speaker On Your Personal Development Success
Thanked by  Phyllis Inward

Martial Arts Karate World Champion, author of "The Life Champion In You", active real estate investor as well as award winning, international motivational business and diversity speaker. Have spoken to audiences in Canada, USA, and Europe.

April 2013

Terry Reardon, began his career in English banking, continuing in Canada.

Thanked by  Ken Pedder

Bridging both countries sparked his interest in the relationship between Prime Ministers Churchill and King.Today’s topic was his Book “Winston Churchill and Mackenzie King” and the difficult times it covers around World War II

March 2013

Sandra Joyce, presented the story of the British Home Children.

Thanked by Phyllis Inward


The topic of Sandra’s presentation is the story of the British Home Child.
Sandra's first novel entitled, "The Street Arab"

February 2013

Paloma Plant, who is the Program Coordinator of Fatal Flight Awareness Program (FLAP).

Thanked by  Orlyn Walsh

FLAP is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors, and sustained by the tremendous efforts of approximately 100 dedicated volunteers.

Paloma presented our club with a powerful Power Point presentation..  

January 2013

Christina Doyle, 
Motivational Speaker 
Thanked by Art Kempe

Christina is one of four rare bone cancer survivors in all of Canada.  Through her long road to recovery of having her left leg completely replaced with titanium prosthesis.  

December 2012

Joan Cooke, Canadian Ambassador for
Thanked by Bob Coultier

The story of ROOFS FOR THE ROOFLESS and the rural villages of southern India came to Trinity United Church about 24 years ago. On behalf of this organization, she and Ron became an active part of its’ initial Outreach.

November 2012

Const Wendy Moraghan of the Halton Regional Police Service was thanked by Phylis Inward

Wendy's duties include increasing public awareness about Elder abuse, empowering seniors with knowledge on how to better protect themselfs and prevent victimization. 

October 2012

Honarable Colonel

Gerald Hadden was thanked by Mon Verheyen

Colonel Hadden spoke to us about J.A.D. McCurdy one true hero of Aviation History.

September 2012

Mandy Walsh Director of Development Oakville Hospital was thanked by Judy Stefnitz