2019 Social Activities


Social Activities from August 2016  to July 2017

Aug 2016 - CPCNO meeting pics.png
Spring Social at Piper's Head Golf Club , May 11 2017
On the dance floor

Breakfast club gathering at the Fifties Diner

21 January 2016

At the Christmas Luncheon, December10, 2015 at the

Glenn Abbey Golf Club

The Spring Social 11 June 2015

At the reception
At the reception

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At the reception
At the reception

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After the Ed Sullivan show 3 June 2015

Lining up
Lining up

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Waiting for Food
Waiting for Food

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Judy Pike thanking the manager
Judy Pike thanking the manager

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Lining up
Lining up

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Easter High Tea Lunch - April 2015


At PROBUS our aim’s to have fun

Our friendships abound by the ton,

We eat, drink, and play

And savour each day,

It’s why we are here for the run!


Members are fond of Nibbles At Night

There’s plenty of food so there’s never a fight,

There’s lots to a table

From Charlie to Mable,

Believe me, it’s really a sight!


Book Club #1 is the best

We read far more books than the rest,

We eat, talk, and drink

Much more than you think,

Cause it puts all our brains to the test!


Our PROBUS club went on an Outing

The gardens were finally sprouting,

The weather was nice

After wintery ice,

The wine was so great we were shouting!


It’s nice to have a Coffee Break

Even better when there’s cake,

Some chocolate today

Some white on the way,

With all of the “Hugs” you can take!


PROBUS has a Wine Club in Oakville

Where everyone drinks up their fill,

Some like the red

And some like the white,

But everyone wants a re-fill!


Guest Speakers enlighten us all

We sit there in total enthrall,

We listen in wonder

And relish the thunder,

As clapping resounds in the hall!


Bridge is a game for the mind

And everyone playing is kind,

Some get the good cards

And some get the bad,

But winning’s the goal that we find!


The 50/50 Draw is such fun

It has to be drawn to be won,

You pay – we draw

A loonie or toonie,

And another past president just won!


We like to Dine Out for our food,

We get there and order our booze,

We laugh and we talk

We fidget and rock,

Then it’s time to head home for a snooze!


In Churchill, some saw polar bears

As  Travels  together we share,

Bears feed on the seals

But in summer – no meals,

They play in the snow with their heirs!


Our Garden Club meets at the pub

To fill our “small” tummies with grub,

We drink and we sing

Then we don’t care a thing,

About gardens – so raise up your mug!


Christmas Luncheon was a hoot,

 Last year’s was also a “toot”,

Don’t ask me why

I can not reply,

Guess maybe we were all in the mood!


Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner is neat

There’s appies, and veggies, and meat,

Dining with friends

Staying out after ten,

Means we better head home for a sleep!


We exercise, play bridge and euchre

The cake puts us all in a stupor

Our blood sugar’s high

Don’t think that we’ll die,

As long as we go to the pooper!



At PROBUS, we’re each here to see

A fun club for both you and me,

Before meetings end

We have many new friends