PROBUS 30 years in Canada

   During the month of April, PROBUS Clubs across Canada will be celebrating  the Thirtieth Anniversary of the chartering of their  founding Club in Canada with a wide variety of events of a fellowship nature.  PROBUS is a Not-for- Profit Organization of retired persons who get together on a regular basis to enjoy the opportunity for fellowship and ongoing learning experiences through speakers and programs of interest.


      PROBUS was initially started in the U.K. by ROTARY and spread to Canada with the formation of the first Club in Cambridge, Ont. with 52 Members on March 17th, 1987 ,  sponsored by the Rotary Club of Galt.   Today there are 240 Clubs across Canada with over 33, 500 Members. The Clubs are for retired persons and are self sustaining, non-political, non-sectarian, and are not involved in lobbying or fund raising. Their basic purpose is to provide regular gatherings for those who wish to meet others of similar circumstances and have similar levels of interest. During the month of April, Clubs will celebrate this 30th Anniversary with special speakers, birthday parties, flag raisings and other like events.  The month will close with a major gathering of Club representatives in attendance at a "day of celebration" on Thursday, April 27th,  hosted by PROBUS CANADA ,  in the "home community" of Cambridge, Ont. ( Grand Valley Golf & Country Club) with a luncheon Speaker on the history of PROBUS in Canada and an exchange of ideas and programs. For further details of this event please contact ...............


Richard Furlong, President, PROBUS CANADA ... at (905) 853-4625 .  Email :

Last update   13 Nov. 2020