The purpose of the Solo Group is to put "single" individuals in contact with others for fun, fellowship and to assist with transportation if necessary.  Should you be single or have a spouse/partner who is not interested in PROBUS activities, please consider attending our SOLO Club.  There are some who cannot attend often but are still members and attend when they can.  There is no compulsory attendance.



We have 50 members as of April 2019.

We meet at different restaurants on the last Wednesday of the month at 12.00.

There is a sub-group who meets on the first Wednesday of the month for games and cards. Depending on how many attend, we have played Euchre, Mexican Train Dominos and other games.

We also have Seasons tickets for those who wish to attend the three Annual Sheridan College Plays, which are excellent, and have Pot Luck lunches and pool parties.

Should you be a member of PROBUS and interested, please contact me for information. 

Wendy de Jaray Chair of the Solo Club   905-844-8471