Tasty Winers


Tasty Winers” is a blind wine tasting group.

The minimum number of participants is 35 which should allow us to form 2 tasting sessions.


The ideal number at each tasting session is 14 to 15 people, with a minimum of 12, in order to keep the evening flowing (so to speak) and to keep our costs at $10 per person maximum at each tasting.


We hold one wine tasting on the second Friday of each Month, and the other on the third Wednesday (both 7:14 to 9:30 PM). 


Members will not be assigned exclusively to an evening, so that all members can gradually mix with each other.


Sign-up for each month will be based on an email sign-up request issued about the 25th of the preceding month – on a first reply basis.

Organizer: Rowland Jones 905 849 6706 or email rjaj@globalserve.net