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“Trail Blazers”

An Interest Group for Walkers


  • Enjoy nature and the outdoors environment and embrace a healthy form of physical exercise.

  • Organize walks year around on the 4th Tuesday of each month (weather permitting in the winter months).

  • Each walk will cover about 5 to 8 KM - with fairly easy terrain and pace.

  • Information will be provided prior to each walk describing the location, degree of difficulty, distance etc.

  • Sturdy hiking or walking shoes are recommended for safety.

  • There are many local trails available to us in the Oakville area all of which are close at hand.

  • Walks will be organized and led by the convenor, directions to the start location will be provided, and logistics as well as stressing safety and/or specific requirements of each hike.

  • Meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month for a 9:00 AM start.  Walks will then finish about mid-day.


Jan 28 2020.jpeg

January Hike


Eight Trail Blazers had a great day yesterday with the full cooperation of the Weather.  Pathways were clear for the most part and we were able to enjoy the views along the lake into east Burlington plus Shell Park and West Bronte paths. With everyone gung-ho we walked 8.5 KM in just under 2 hours.


Our February walk is scheduled one week earlier than usual on February 18th.  Details and a reminder will be provided in due course

September Hike 

It was a beautiful morning for our hike today, starting at Valleyridge Park, heading SW on town trails into Bronte Provincial Park and finishing up on town trails as we headed north back to our starting point. 

We covered approximately 6km in about 1 1/2 hours...a good pace and an enjoyable hike for everyone.


August Hike

Attached is a very belated photo of the group at our last hike where we ventured south from Glen Abbey Community Centre over several town trails.  As I recall it was a beautiful day for walking and we covered 8.0 KM over two hours.

Aug 20 2019.jpeg
July 23 2019.jpg

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

We had a very enjoyable hike last week on the west side of Bronte Park.  8 KM over 2 hours.  Attached is a photo courtesy of Dan and Tracy.


Save the date for our next hike which will be held on August 20th for a 9:00 AM start.  Details will be forthcoming closer to the date. 


Please note that the new start time for the Trail Blazer hikes will be 9:00 AM.

Tuesday, June 18th 2019

 The hike was in Burlington, along the lakeshore starting at Brant Hospital. 16 Hikers enjoyed a perfect day, covering approximately 8 km.

june hike.jpg
April 23 2019.jpeg

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

There were 12 Trail Blazers out for a hike this spring morning in the 14 Mile Creek area off Bronte.  We hiked 6 1/2 KM over 1 1/2 hours in a mix of sunshine with a few rain drops sprinkled in.  This was Mon’s last hike with Trailblazers before he and Bev move on to their new home in British Columbia.   Mon has been an active participant in our Trailblazers group and will be missed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

There were 5 Trail Blazers out in the fresh air today for a very nice 6 1/2KM walk along the Lake and into some trails in the Lakeshore Woods/Shell Park Area. 


It was -12degrees to start but no wind and some sun appeared to brighten the day.  Save the date for our next hike scheduled for Feb. 26th. 

Jan 2019 1.jpeg

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A great day for a walk with Santa – in fact a couple thousand of them.


Six Trail Blazers joined in our second annual walk with the Burlington Santa Run / Walk today.  Sunny skies and a beautiful blue lake added to the pleasure. After the walk showing our medal.

after Santa Walk.jpeg

Tuesday, October 23,2018

Thirteen Trail Blazers hiked the 16 Mile Creek area south from Lions Valley Park.  7.1 KM were covered in less than 2 hours and the good fall weather and colours were enjoyed by all.

Oct 23 2018.jpeg

Tuesday, August 28,2018

A warm 27 degrees at the start but a nice breeze and plenty of forest cover kept us cool.  Nine Trail Blazers walked the area from Bronte Road west to Bronte Provincial Park ravine for 6.7 KM over 1 and 1/2 hours.  A very nice outing

Aug 28 2018.jpeg

Wednesday,  June 27, 2018

8 Trail Blazers were out today in Jack Darling Park and Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.  Not a lot of sun but no rain; all in all quite pleasant conditions.  Enjoyed lots of lake views, saw a heron and climbed a tree.  Walked 6.6 KM over 1 & 3/4 hours.  A great morning to be outdoors enjoying nature


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A beautiful day for a walk at RBG  where 12 Trail Blazers enjoyed the forested areas, marsh lands, pathways and sunshine.  Our walk was 5 KM over 1 & 1/2 hours.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 

It was an excellent morning for our hike at Hilton Falls Conservation Area where the Trail Blazers hiked the Beaver Dam and Red Oak Trails.  Total distance was 10.7 KM over a 3 hour time frame including a small snack break at one of the many picnic tables along the trail.  Lots of birds, spring flowers and sunshine.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 

There were 8 hikers out this morning to tackle various pathways in the McCraney Creek Trail area.  Nice temperatures and lots of sunshine made for a beautiful April morning.  

Your fellow Trail Blazers hiked 11.0 KM, over 2 1/2 hours at an average pace of 13.2 minutes per KM, so we are off to a very good start to the hiking season already this spring.  A good job done by all.

It was made by mom around 1950 as part of her hope chest.   It was rediscovered in a trunk during a trip to India in 1979 and brought back to Toronto, Canada.  The trip celebrated the joyful occasion

Tuesday, Januari 23 2018

Seven hikers walked the trails of Shell Park and Lakeshore Woods and along the lakeshore pathways.  Once again we lucked out on the weather which was sunny and very pleasant for a winters day in January.  We covered 6 KM over 1 1/2 hours.  All in all a great day to be outside.

Saturday, December 9

Four Trail Blazers joined the Santa Walk in Burlington this morning - photos attached. We joined 2500 other Santas and finished the 5km Walk mid pack in 58 minutes. For a reward we received a lovely medal and were treated to a snack of pizza and bananas. It was fun to see all the Santa’s, families and small children participating. Great weather for a walk - about 1 degree and light breeze.

After the finish

The Medal

Mon, Bregitte, Marg, Garry before the start

Tuesday , November 28

Trail Blazers continue to find favour with the Weather Gods.  We could not have asked for a better fall hiking day . 


Nine Trail Blazers hiked 15.2 KM over 4 1/2 hours including a lunch stop (one guest also joined the lunch) at Sunset Grill in Port Credit.  Good views of Rattray Marsh were enjoyed as well as those of Lake Ontario, Toronto Skyline all framed by vivid blue sky. 

Great views over Rattray Marsh from the boardwalk.

Tuesday October 24

Today was a perfect fall day for hiking.  Lots of sun and blue sky. 


Nine Trail Blazers hiked 16 Mile Creek trails for 13.75 KM over 4 hours.  The valley provided ample opportunity to climb in and out of the ravine three times during the morning.  A feat to be proud of for sure.  We shared refreshments along the creek with some resident ducks.  All finished standing up and smiling.  

Tuesday  September 26

Crawford lake

On a very hot and humid day there were 5 hikers who tackled the trails at Crawford Lake Conservation Area.  8.5 KM were hiked over 2 3/4 hours including breaks.  The sun shone brightly out of a bright blue sky and we walked under the shaded protection of the vibrant green forest.  A snack break was enjoyed overlooking the escarpment and the trail took us along Crawford Lake for some nice views. 

We are pleased to report that on Tuesday July 25 first hike was accomplished in fine fashion by 5 hearty souls .  A perfect weather day for us with blue skies, the sun was shining, temperature moderate, and a light breeze to keep the insects away.  The group hiked 7.5 KM which took about 2 1/2 hours including a nice snack at the picnic tables by Hilton Falls.