Upcoming Guest Speakers

Our Program Chair is responsible to arrange Guest Speakers to address the club during our regular meeting.  The list below shows upcoming Speakers and their subjects.
                                                          Upcoming Speakers.
Hello everyone, I’d like to give you an update on the speaker program. It’s anyone’s guess when we will be able to convene a full meeting of CPCNO, and now I am continuing with one speaker per month, using Zoom and on the regular scheduled dates. The attendance at the Zoom meetings has been good; between 30 and 40 invitees. This is 30-40 e-mail addresses. Since the club’s membership is about 60::40 couples to singles, I estimate 30 e-mail addresses would mean about 50 persons were listening. One aspect I am surprised about is the lack of questions. I mute everyone’s audio so that the speaker will not be interrupted (and members possibly embarrassed), but invitees can unmute themselves to ask a question at the end of the talk. A good question period pleases the speaker and there is no time limit.
Here is a brief update on the speakers scheduled to date :-
                Thur. Sept 10        John Percy, Archeoastrology :
How the ancients were influenced by astronomy building Stonehenge, pyramids etc.
             Thur. Oct. 08       Brenda Van Ryswyk, Halton Conservation Authority:
“Living with urban animals”
             Thur. Nov. 12    Jerry Amernic, Babe Ruth : “A superstars legacy”.
How Ruth influenced modern marketing.
          Thur. Dec. 10 Lianne Harris   “Christmas : Stories and Symbols”.
A 1hr, somewhat humorous , refreshing look at the cherished stories and symbols surrounding Christmas.
Suggestions for speakers or topics by the membership would be
very welcome. Keep well, everyone and I will see you on the 27th


       The Origin of Names in Historic Ontario


John MacDonald is this month’s speaker.

 This colourful PowerPoint presentation will feature the Halton area.

John is an historian, was born in Milton, and is a life long resident of Halton

After extensive research in England, Bermuda and Ontario John wrote a book, entitled, Halton’s Heritage, introduced in October 2011, which features the story of William Halton—the man our county (and region) was named for.  This book, which deals with the origin of place names, includes both written and pictorial essays for over 70 settlements in Halton.


We all live in Halton Region, many of us for a long time, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know the early history of colonization here?