Disclaimer: This check list is provided for information/guideline only and the club assumes no responsibility for it’s accuracy or completeness.


Estate Check List Workshop....or....

Not leaving a mess when you pop your clogs 


provided by Alan Holdway 


Your loved ones can find things easily without adding more emotional stress.

Ensure your Estate is settled as you wish and in a timely manner.

Minimise taxes for you now and your loved ones later deserves pro active action.


What is or is not legally binding, if you are not a permanent resident of Florida ?

Husband and Wife Credit cards on same account ?

Loved ones access to Bank accounts ?

Bank Safety deposit box access ?

Registered ownership of Florida vehicles ?

Other issues ??


Estate Plan Check List

 Key Documents/ Where Located/Who to Contact


1.Will & Florida Trust

LOCATION : ______________________________________________________ 

Who to contact : Lawyers : Ontario & Florida         Names / Addresses & Phone #'s : 


2. Life Insurance Policies:

LOCATION : ______________________________________________________

Who to contact,Insurance Companies & Phone #'s : 


3. Financial Portfolio:  Stocks, Bonds, RRSP, IRA, Investments, Mutual Funds etc

Where located : _________________________________________________

Who to contact : Financial Planner/Accountant Names / Addresses / Phone #'s


4. Real Estate :  Deeds / Ownership / Title Insurance / KGC Membership Papers

Where located : _________________________________________________________


See Will and US Trust on page 1.

As per Florida Trust you have the choice of retaining this property as long as you pay the annual fee,insurance,taxes and meet all the KGC  Rules and Regulations ( Attached to Trust document). Whether you keep or decide to sell :

Who to contact/name/phone #'s:

KGC Manager : __________________________________________________________

KGR ( Kings Gate Realty) to sell :____________________________________________

Florida Lawyer to retain or sell :____________________________________________



5. Banks / Addresses/ Account #'s/Who to Contact & Phone #'s :

Where Located:________________________________________________________



6. Credit Cards/Bank/Card #"s

Where Located:_______________________________________________________



7.Hang Files for Canada & Florida

Household Transactions/Bills/Automatic Payments


Where Located:________________________________________

Oakville Hydro 

Cogeco TV/Phone/Internet

Home/Car Insurance & Ownership

Property Tax

Union Gas

etc. etc.


Florida Power & Light

Comcast Internet

Home Insurance

US Health Insurance 

Sarasota County Tax

etc. etc.


8. Safety Deposit Box:

Location of box:__________________________________________________________

Registered under names:__________________________________________________

Location of Key:__________________________________________________________

Advised executor of key location:           Yes:__               No:___ 


9. Pensions:

Where located /who to contact/phone #'s: _

Service Canada: 1-800-622--6232   www.servicecanada.gc.ca

US Social Security Administration 1-800-772-1213  www.socialsecruity.gov

UK Pension Services 011-44-191-218-7777  www.direct.gov.uk/en/pensions   


10. Tax Returns:

Where located/ who to contact/phone#: ___________________________________________________________________


11. Other Documents / Items :

Where Located :________________________________________________

Keys, Household/Vehicles/Safety Deposit box/etc

Social Insurance Cards

Social Security Cards

Ontario Health Cards

Drivers licences

Address Book

Birth Certificates

Marriage Certificates

Citizenship Papers


Family Photos

Family Tree

Computer passwords

Passwords for websites

Grandparents Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates  



12.Healthcare Directive: Living will/Power of attorney for healthcare

Where located:__________________________________________________________

Who to contact/ phone :__________________________________________________



 13.Financial Power of Attorney :

Where located :__________________________________________________________

Who to contact/ phone #__________________________________________________




 14.Funeral Arrangements:

Where located:__________________________________________________________

Who to contact/ phone #__________________________________________________



Services Canada 1-800-622-6232 www.servicecanada.gc.ca

US Social Security 1-800-772-1213 www.socialsecurity.gov

US Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA) : Phone # 1-800-827-1000

Veterans Affairs Canada : Phone # 1-866-522-2122 (English) 1-866-522-2022(French)